Street legal to play Harley-Davidson & Southern Rock Cruise 2016

12274189_966931523363444_2744409544133210107_nWe´re definitely not dead, but actually alive and kicking. Looking forward to kick ass on the Harley-Davidson & Southern Rock Cruise 2016!

Street Legal @ Stopp Pressen Sat 30th Nov

Street Legal will play a show @ Stopp Pressen Sat 30th Nov. Tickets: 150 NOK

Lineup: Bjørn Boge, Øystein Boge, Tore St Moren, Espen Rogne

Live in Oslo 14th of February!

street-legal-13Street Legal will play @ Stopp Pressen, Oslo, Norway- Thursday the 14th of February.

Showtime: 22.00 Sharp! CC: 150,- NOK. by:Larm delegates: Free entrance.

The show will feature only original material from both Thunderdome and Bite The Bullet.

The Arctic Thunder Tour 2012

Street Legal will play the worlds northernmost venues!

After releasing the highly acclaimed albums Thunderdome and Bite the Bullet on Frontiers, Street Legal has lately been busy on the local scene in Oslo establishing a new lineup for the band.

“Finally it seems that we have the right mix of balls, finesse and energy” says mainman Bjorn Boge(bass/vocal).
Featuring the mighty Tore St Moren (ex-Jorn) on guitar and newcomer Espen Rogne (NTN) on guitar, and brother Oystein Boge (drums), Street Legal is now ready for some heavy touring.

“The response on the new lineup is just phenomenal” claims Bjorn Boge. “Cant wait to scare the polarbears!”

The Arctic Thunder Tour 2012:

November 30 - Huset, Longyearbyen, Svalbard
December 1 - Huset, Longyearbyen, Svalbard
December 7 - City Scene, Alta, Norway
December 8 - Redrum, Hammerfest, Norway

Street Legal will also do a Xmas-show @ Olsen, Oslo, Norway on December 28. Expect some very special guests!

Tore St Moren back in Street Legal. Gittttarmania in Oslo!

Tore St Moren is back in the ranks! Joining him is a fresh recruit from the land of ice and snow: Espen Rogne - the best that Toten has to offer since Ronnie Le Tekro and Tore Ostby.

Beware! There is a new power coming from the North… The beast is unleashed on Saturday, the 10th of November, @ Stopp Pressen- Oslo- Norway.

Live @ Olsen- Oslo

Street Legal will play Olsen Friday 21st of September. Expect a twin guitar attac: Terje Kjorlaug and Havard Pedersen- songs from both Thunderdome and Bite The Bullet and a healthy dose of Lizzy ;-) A special guest is also expected. Guitarmania is the keyword!

Live @ Olsen- Oslo

Street Legal will play @ Olsen - Oslo- Norway on Sat 16th of June. Expect a special guest :-) Tickets: 150,- NOK


Street Legal will play the Sweden Rock Kick Off in Moss Sat 31th of March. Support: Her Royal Darkness.


Street Legal will play @ Olsen - Oslo- Norway on the 30th of March

Snowball warriors!

Street Legal will play at the official snowball championship “Yukigassen 2012″ in Vardø- Norway on March 24th.