Writing songs!

Hi. Hooked up with my songwritingbrother Chuck Frazier last week- and we checked out some new ideas. Seems like we are moving in the direction of combining the wibe from Thunderdome and Bite the bullet :-) Feels good so far and we´ll keep you posted as soon as the songs get names etc !

All the best - Bjorn

Massacre and Powertool live!

Check out Massacre and Powertool from our gig 2nd of July!


Street Legal live 14th of May and 18th of June- Oslo

Here we go again! After sold out shows @ Olsen and Stopp Pressen we will return to Stopp Pressen saturday 14th of May, and Olsen saturday 18th of June. More shows will be posted soon!

Street Legal live in Oslo- Friday the 25th of March

Street Legal live in Oslo. Friday the 25th of March @ Stopp Pressen. Featuring Tore St Moren (Jorn, Street Legal, Wild Willys Gang) and Terje Kjorlaug (Hayseed, Eric Martin). The boys are back in town…

Street Legal live in Oslo!

This is a version of “Don´t believe a word” from our show in Oslo last Saturday, the 26th of February. Enjoy!


Street Legal @ Olsen- Oslo lørdag 26. februar

Street Legal på Olsen - Lørdag 26. februar

Får du tårer i øynene av Empty Rooms og lyst til å drikke øl når du hører The Boys Are Back In Town? Street Legal vil servere indrefiletene fra Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore ++ og eget materiale.

Med seg har de det ypperste av internasjonal gitarisme: Tore St Moren (Jorn, Street Legal, Wild Willys Gang) Terje Kjørlaug (Hayseed, Eric Martin) Bill: 100,-

Live @ Classic Rock Cruise- Color line 21-23 Rocktober!

We´re back, alive and kickin! Joining us for the Classic Rock Cruise- Color Line 21-23 Rocktober is our former member Ken Ingwersen (guitars on Thunderdome) and guitarplayer Terje Kjorlaug. A smoking lineup that will rock the boat!

Other artists: Ken Hensley & Live Fire (ex Uriah Heep), UFO, Uli John Roth, Dan Reed, Iron Butterfly, Electric Boys, The Wheel, Spike with Friends (Quireboys), Magic Pie

Live “Classic Rock Cruise” 21-23 Rocktober!

Street Legal Street Legal spiller på Classic Rock Cruise- Color Line 21-23 Rocktober!
Med Ken Ingwersen og Terje Kjørlaug på gitar blir dette kuler og krutt :-)

Andre band er: UFO, Ken Hensley & Live Fire (ex, Uriah Heep), Uli Jon Roth, Iron Butterfly, Electric Boys, Dan Reed, The Wheel, Spike with Friends, Magic Pie

Bite The Bullet on iTunes

Our new album Bite The Bullet is now available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/no/album/bite-the-bullet/id346020927

Bite The Bullet on Spotify

Our new album Bite The Bullet is now available on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/4NnjuQag25pNXGVdzRlTFb