Tour bus crash 2001

Øystein: “I still can’t believe how lucky I was. I woke up by a terrible noise and saw the sidewalls of the bus behave like jelly… By miracle I was not in my bunk. It was torn out by the rocks. Only a huge hole in the wall where I was normally sleeping. Our sound engineer found Bjørn outside the bus in front of the rear wheels. He was unconscious. For a moment we thought my brother was dead. Then he opened his eyes and asked: ‘What’s going on? We can’t stay here.’”

Bjørn: “It might sound weird but the accident in 2001 has only made my will to play live stronger. It was the second time I was almost killed in a tourbus accident. 1st time was 23 years ago, and it didn’t stop me back then either. In bed at the hospital with a broken spleen and heavy inner bleedings, my first question to the doctors was: ‘When will you let me out ? I have a gig on Friday!’ He just shook his head, and probably wrote ‘fruitcake’ in his papers. These accidents have only made it more clear to me that my reason for living is playing: The day I can’t play, I rather be dead.”