Reviews of Thunderdome

“I first heard of the band at the AOR mailing list, then I heard that they will support Dare in Benelux. So I was curious about them. The trio soon made sure that they are following the tradition of Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder and Whitesnake (before they became more and more pop)! Thunderdome is their first release, but they are no newcomers! Everyone was part of the Norwegian metal scene in the past and with this album they proof that melodic metal, hard rock or whatever you wanna call it, is still alive! The Thunderdome comes to you with a real fat sound! You expect a big-name-producer? Wrong! This is done by the band! I can’t recommend a track, no way! Btw, listening to this album will make you addicted to the drug Street Legal!!!”
– Claudia Ehrhardt, ICE VAJAL